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Our Core

What is Teledactyl?

Teledactyl aims to increase the quality of healthcare across the United States and abroad by putting the power back with patients and providers through technology and increased options. The goals of Teledactyl are:
  • To re-establish the patient/provider relationship through secure, streamlined information sharing and better tools for decision making, increasing quality of care.
  • To solidify the patient/provider relationship through increased face-to-face time both in-office and virtually.
  • To give patients more options and affordable access across the United States and internationally, particularly in more rural locations.
  • To reduce the burden of healthcare costs on both the patient and provider through an alternative digital payment method that allows for direct contracts, reducing reliance on third parties.

Increases patient privacy and data security.


The most versatile technology available to deliver health education, health information and healthcare at a distance.

Eco-Health System

Reducing redundancy, waste and inefficiency.


Eliminates the need to rely on third-party payors and intermediaries.


Providing Value to Patients and Providers Alike

Patients need better value in the healthcare that they receive and more control over when/how they get it.

Value comes from:

  • Quality of care.
  • Secure patient data accessible by all providers visited as needed.
  • Access and convenience.
  • Increased affordability.
Providers need more control over the care that they provide and their relationships with patients.

Value comes from:

  • Better tools for decision making, increasing quality of care.
  • Direct contract with the patient, reducing reliance on third parties.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • More face to face time with the patient both in-office and virtually.

An Enhancer In the Health Technology Industry

As you may be aware, the United States healthcare system is in dire need of a more efficient method to preserve and protect personal health information, reduce healthcare costs, increase provider access and improve methods of payment while bettering patient outcomes.

Teledactyl is a total solution across the healthcare continuum. As a blockchain-based platform, Teledactyl allows the patient to store and share his or her information with providers digitally through secure encrypted transmission both in office and virtually through telehealth applications, increasing access, control, and quality of care to those who need it most. Teledactyl also offers an alternative digital payment method to complement or take the place of third-party insurance.
Our Goal

New Seamless Options for Patients and Providers

Our mission is to change the trajectory of the U.S. Healthcare system by being patient focused first.

Teledactyl is the perfect alternative for millions of patients who have limited access to quality care, whether because of the strict criteria of third-party insurers, they live in more remote locations, or because they cannot afford it.


Our Journey...


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Our strength is in our diverse, strong, knowledgeable team with expert advisors. As we continue to evolve and grow, we pride ourselves in our:

  • Highly adaptive foundation: We’re ready to move as technology moves and technological advancement is our basis.
  • Desire to provide for basic human needs: Healthcare has and will become increasingly complicated, but we firmly believe that it should be accessible and affordable to everyone.
  • Efforts to change the worldview: Teledactyl’s vision is for the betterment of all.
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