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What is Teledactyl?

Teledactyl is being developed as an original blockchain platform for the healthcare industry that has the ability to store and share patient information—like a user's health record—digitally through secure encrypted transmission.

The utilization of blockchain also gives us the capability to create and circulate our own proprietary cryptocurrency for payment for health care services eliminating the third party payor element. The goals of Teledactyl are:

To re-establish and solidify the personal relationship between doctor/provider and patient, as well as provide a new option for millions of uninsured patients by creating a personalized and self-contained mobile health record, affording the patient more direct control of his or her health and personal health information.

To enable a form of direct payment to health care providers via the teledactyl token, reducing costs by eliminating waste from unnecessary intermediaries. As innovations in the technology sector are now beginning to take hold in the healthcare industry, it is our firm belief that teledactyl will be the next major crypto asset to disrupt and revolutionize the healthcare services and payment system, using these technological advances.


Eliminates the need to rely on third-party payors and intermediaries.


Increases patient privacy and data security


The most versatile technology available to deliver health education, health information and healthcare at a distance.

Eco-Health System

Reducing redundancy, waste and inefficiency.


An Enhancer In the Health Technology Industry

As you may be aware, the United States healthcare system is in dire need of a more efficient method to preserve and protect personal health information, reduce healthcare costs, increase provider access and improve methods of payment while bettering patient outcomes.

What is Teledactyl? Teledactyl is being developed as an original Personal Health Record (PHR) Blockchain system for the healthcare industry that has the ability to store and share patient information—like a patient’s health record—digitally through the most secured encrypted transmission platform known today. In addition, it will offer cryptocurrency utility tokens used by those who do or do not have third-party insurance in exchange for health services. Teledactyl is a total solution for the new generation of healthcare.

Our Goal

New Options For Millions of Uninsured Patients

Our mission is to change the trajectory of the U.S. Healthcare system by being patient focused first.


Teledactyl is the perfect option for millions of patients who want direct access to care, and those who lack access because they do not meet the strict criteria of third-party insurers.

Token structure

Distribution of Tokens

An issuing of 1 billion teledactyl tokens will occur to create a new blockchain based healthcare ecosystem. These tokens will be offered in a crowdsale to allow participants to purchase teledactyl tokens early, permitting both contribution and support to further the development of the Teledactyl blockchain.

  • 70% Pre & Public Sale
  • 12% Community Development
  • 10% Founders
  • 8% Team, Advisors, Whitelist and Early Investors

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