Telemedicine demand continues to increase in light of COVID-19.
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Building the Future of Healthcare Together!

What does Teledactyl do?

Teledactyl securely connects healthcare and other networks. Through a customized app, Teledactyl provides individuals a single gateway to the key programs and benefits affecting their well-being. We use innovative technology to optimize the utilization of programs throughout the network.

Why Partner with Us?

Our Difference

The Teledactyl ecosystem streamlines the delivery of programs that address health and the social determinants of health, starting with our own telemedicine offering Teledactyl eVisit. We have models across a number of use cases, all of which stem from our core: healthcare. We aim to provide more and better access to these programs to the often overlooked rural and underserved areas.


Teledactyl securely connects healthcare and other networks. We use innovative technology to optimize the utilization of programs throughout the network. This leads to significant ROI through an in-network cost control strategy. We focus on interoperability, transparency, access and efficiency. With more visibility into usage, redundancy and where funds are currently going versus where they should be, Teledactyl’s adaptable model allows our customers to more effectively serve the people that rely on them.



Our single platform approach uses blockchain technology and decentralized applications (DApps). We leverage this technology to optimize organizational resource allocation based on the specific needs of our customer’s client base. Also, we simplify the user’s own decision making, providing increased transparency into what’s available based on coverage and/or ability to pay. Our HIPAA-compliant backend technology is tested and has two patents surrounding interoperability and patient matching.

Our Solution

Secure, Enhanced

We unite existing applications and programs on a single, highly secure platform for patients/users and administration

Decision Making

To steer users towards the most cost effective, efficient and relevant choices.

Empowered to
Improve Outcomes

Our platform increases access, transparency and interoperability and improves allocation of resources.

Our technology + our customers’ programs = lower costs, more access, and a network that allows everyone to do what they do best.

Different from traditional healthcare service and system providers, the Teledactyl platform creates connectivity across the organizations’ existing programs and offerings. These organizations include non-profit organizations with a focus on social determinants of health, self-insured employers and companies in retail, hospitality, transportation and alternative medicine that seek interoperability, transparency, efficiency in order to allocate resources more effectively.

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