Building the future of healthcare - Together!

Teledactyl develops customized healthcare solutions to improve the convenience of access that drives optimal utilization of health services at the right cost.

The Teledactyl ecosystem makes healthcare delivery more efficient

Secure, Enhanced

We unite existing applications on a single platform

Simplify Healthcare
Decision Making

And steer patients towards the most cost effective and efficient choices.

Patients Empowered to
Improve Outcomes

Better health and more convenient access increases productivity.

Our customized platform makes it easier for your employees and members to better use the benefits you make available to them, improving your bottom line.

A better healthcare experience for all

Our innovative approach focuses on behavioral change and understanding.

Employers benefit through lower direct healthcare expenses and increased workforce productivity.

Health plans benefit through lower healthcare expenses and an enhanced portal for plan sponsors and members.

Employees & members benefit through lower costs, more convenient access and training on the available options.

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