A better healthcare experience

Teledactyl integrates existing services and improves current capabilities across the healthcare spectrum through a single highly secure platform.


The Teledactyl Ecosystem…

Teledactyl is an employer’s healthcare ecosystem.

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Secure, Enhanced

We integrate and enhance your existing healthcare offerings from physician to lab to pharmacy to wellness through a single application secured by blockchain technology.

Simplify Healthcare
Decision Making

With all healthcare decisions in one place, we streamline your employees’ choices to reduce their out of pocket spend and yours.

Empowered to
Improve Outcomes

We design customized educational and incentive programs to improve outcomes for your employees and your community.

Foot Traffic

Increase your foot traffic at retail outlets by offering innovative access to healthcare with a focus on rural and underserved areas.

A better healthcare experience

Employers win through lower direct and indirect healthcare expenses and a supplement to their benefits package that sets them apart in recruiting.
Employees win through lower costs, increased convenience, improved understanding, and a better experience.
Healthcare providers win through better access to patients.

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