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Launch of Black-Owned Healthcare Blockchain Company Answer To Medical Record Breaches

Original article. Black-owned health technology company, Teledactyl Blockchain LLC, is officially open for business. Teledactyl is the first healthcare blockchain ecosystem based in the United States.

Interview with Wacoinda

Watch the Interview on Facebook Here Lamar Wilson sits down with our co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Seth Crapp to talk all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Teledactyl

Black-Owned Health Tech Company, Teledactyl, Empowers Patients & Providers with Blockchain Technology

Original Post Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Teledactyl Seeks to Disrupt the Healthcare Market

New Blockchain Company Has Own Cryptocurrency Payment System

A new blockchain company attests that it has its own cryptocurrency payment system, with the goal to restore and optimize patient-provider relationships. 

7/7 Press Release: Teledactyl Empowers Patients & Providers with Blockchain Technology

Read the article here. Teledactyl is the first U.S blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency payment system and is on a mission to restore and optimize patient-provider relationships.

6/24 Press Release

Read the article here Revolutionary Healthcare Blockchain Company “Teledactyl” Prepares For Launch The United States healthcare system is in dire need of a more efficient method to preserve and protect personal health information, reduce healthcare costs, increase provider access and improve methods of payment for health care services. Teledactyl seeks to combat this issue head