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A telemedicine platform built by healthcare professionals

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Are Telemedicine Platforms Created Equal?

When comparing video solutions for telemedicine, there is significant variation. While other platforms offer video conferencing services, they only solve one piece of the telemedicine puzzle. Teledactyl eVisit is a telemedicine platform built by real healthcare professionals. Besides having top quality video chat to see patients, our distinctive software streamlines your entire practice – virtually.

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Why Choose Our Telemedicine Platform?

Our Difference

Teledactyl eVisit is a telemedicine platform built by healthcare professionals. We aim to increase access and help you expand your reach to patients you may not ordinarily see. This unique, next generation software allows clinicians to take online patient interactions to the next level by creating a virtual office. With easy setup and fit into your existing workflow, you’ll have tools at your disposal to enhance your practice and your patient’s experience.


Teledactyl eVisit is a unique, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform, using 3CX technology. We offer a secure, simple way to see your patients from a computer, tablet or mobile device, wherever you have connection. We want you on board, providing feedback, as we create the telemedicine software of the future.


As an adjunct to your current operations, our subscriptions offer innovative, next-generation tools that enhance the patient-provider relationship. You get a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a competitive technological advantage and access to your own private server, hosting your web client platform.

Your Virtual Office

Our platform mirrors a regular in-office workflow. This is business as usual. Reception meets with the patient first with seamless handoff to the doctor via Chat. After the doctor sees the patient, next steps can be given to the patient and reception simultaneously to ensure comprehension and necessary follow up. Continue to document and bill as you would today.


Teledactyl eVisit is dynamic. See patients and address concerns in real time. Visit tools support both auditory and visual patient learning, such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, uploading files and snapshots. Family members or caregivers can also be invited to join the visit either when scheduled or if deemed necessary during the visit. You also increase access for patients you may not normally see.

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A telemedicine platform built by healthcare professionals


Our Solution

Which Telemedicine Platform Should You Choose?

When you compare video solutions for telemedicine, you can see there’s a real difference. If you’re serious about going down the telemedicine path, use Teledactyl eVisit. While other platforms offer video conferencing services, they only solve one piece of the telemedicine puzzle.

Teledactyl eVisit is a unique, next-generation, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. It’s business as usual, online. Our solution enhances and complements your existing processes. We help you increase the utilization and effectiveness of telemedicine by recreating the in-office experience.

Virtual visits enable more 1-on-1 time with your patients. Teaching and sharing tools allow for improved communication and comprehension. The platform ensures ease of communication within your virtual practice. It’s the whole package.

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Teledactyl eVisit Features

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the Quick Reference Guide you should receive during onboarding, you can also find helpful videos here to help you with key features.